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“ I bought a new touring bike in Ottawa in Spring 2006. While generally pleased with the bike, I found I became uncomfortable on long rides, with back and wrist strain. I took an appointment for a bike fit with Mary Paterson in Feb 2008. Her adjustments seemed quite minor at the time, but they made a big difference that summer!

As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to join the Tour d'Afrique's"Orient Express" bike trip from Paris to Istanbul in June-July 2008. This tour covers 4,000 km in 40 riding days over a wide range of terrain, traffic and weather conditions. Thanks to Mary's fitting I completed the tour in comfort, and without any soreness or injury.

I would recommend Mary's bike fit service to anyone contemplating a long tour -- even small adjustments can make a big difference over many days of long-distance riding “


Philip Richards, Road Touring Enthusiast


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