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" I had been off the cycling scean for a good 10 years and decided I wanted to go back to it and be as fast and competitive as before.

I bought a new bike only I was experiencing knee, neck and left leg pain after spending more than an hour in the saddle. After going to three different bike stores for a fitting they all concluded that it was well set up. I tried on my own only the knee, neck and legs pains continued.

How I heard of Mary was from a friend of mine who had to endure my whining as a result of knee pains during the whole Rideau Lakes Tour. He mentioned perhaps she can help. I booked an appointment with Mary.

Mary listened to my issues, my challenges, things that I had done and what were my objectives. Instead of just going from what I had done, she started all over. Taking measurements, flexibility tests and focusing on changes to reach the correct balance. What I found interesting is that instead of relying only on measurements to set  the seat height it was based on the angle of the leg at full extension. As a result, the seat was brought up two centimeters and moved forward by almost two. Because I have a leg shorter than the other adjustments were made to the cleats, one being more forward than the other to reach the right balance. What was also recommended is that I bring up the handlebars to help reduce my neck pain.

All the pain has disappeared and I'm much more comfortable on the bike. Tthe pleasure of riding is back ! I've been recommending bike2body within my own bike club and to all other friends since. "

Christian Brun, Serious Road Cyclist

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