Why BIKE 2 BODY?

  • Mary Paterson is the first certified SEROTTA Bike Fit Professional in Ottawa. Serotta has been refining the science of bike fit since 1979. Serotta has set the industry standard in bike fit technology in the United States.
  • Mary Paterson is the first certified F.I.S.T. Tri-Bike Fit Professional in Ottawa. Dan Empfield, founder of Quintana Roo and SLOWTWITCH.COM is a pioneer in the sport of triathlon.
  • Experience :  Mary has completed over 4,000 bike fits
  • Mary has over 19 years of Sports Medicine experience as a registered Physiotherapist. She brings her medical knowledge of sports injuries and biomechanics to the diagnosis and treatment of cycling injuries and applies them to the ideal bike fit.

  • Mary is well connected to the Sports Medicine Community and can provide any required referrals to SM Physicians, Phyiotherapy, massage and orthotics professionals.

  • Mary has an extensive Cycling Background:
    • Avid cyclist both road and mountain
    • Former OBC time trial award winner PB: 22:31 15km, 1:05:56 40km, 2:16 80km
    • Winner of numerous team triathlons on the bike

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