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  Fred Dufresne
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"I would like to thank you very much for your patience, your professionalism and your help. When I left your clinic, I immediately started to see the difference. My spinning was more powerful (trust me, much more powerful than before) and my position on the bike felt much better.

Just to give you an example I did 50kms yesterday after my appointment with you, it usually takes me 2hrs to do that, but now it took me twenty minutes less to do the exact same distance with the new positioning!! It is a huge difference!!

I also realize that if I did not see you for the bike fitting I wouldn't have been able to complete the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. It was particularly hard this year, with a very hot day and a strong headwind!! But with the new neutral spine position you taught me on the bike and the new way to place my hands on the handlebars I haven't had any back pain. I managed to do the entire trip to Kingston alone and was surprisingly quite fresh on arrival.
Thank you Mary one thousand times for giving me back my enthusiasm for
cycling!! I really appreciate it, because I was close to giving up on cycling because of the pain in my back.

I now know who I must see if I have any bike related problems or injuries."

Fred Dufresne, Road Cycling Enthusiast


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