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“ I am an avid recreational cyclist. I was fitted to my road bike at the bike shop when I bought it six years ago and therefore thought it was set up properly. I had been experiencing hip pain for the last two years and was being treated by two physiotherapists when I decided to see Mary and determine if my cycling could be the source of the problem. Mary made several substantial adjustments to my bike which really opened up my position and I had a great riding season. Mary did a complete and thorough assessment of my hip. She felt that I had a serious hip problem. She recommended that I needed to get a special x-ray and referred me to a sports medicine clinic. Her diagnosis was accurate and I am now scheduled for hip surgery. Out of three physiotherapists, Mary was the only one to correctly diagnosed me-and she had only seen me for one visit! I am very impressed with Mary and have been recommending her to all my cycling friends”

Thanks again Mary!

Bob Kurus, Avid Recreational Cyclist




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