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"All my life I have been very active/athletic. Unfortunately, due to congenital arthritic issues, I had to have 2 hip replacements in my late thirties. Getting back on the bike was difficult as I had undergone trauma to some crucial hip muscle tissues from the surgeries and had atrophied leg/bum muscles from years of neglect. I gave it my all fo rseveral months and had significant performance gains, however, I continued to experience pain while riding. Immediately after having a session at bike2body, the pain disappeared. Turns out there were several aspects of my riding position and bike setup that needed to be adjusted. Mary Paterson has a methodical approach that is ideal for determining the root cause of the problem. I could have spent weeks/months twiddling with this and that, never knowing if I was doing something that could eventually injure me. Mary obviously had several years of experience, and saved me much time and pain!"

Dave Sugden, Competitive Road Cyclist

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