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"I am an avid recreational cyclist, with aspirations of becoming a more accomplished weekend warrior typical of any male suffering from an age 40 mid-life crisis. I had been suffering for quite some time from a very sensitive and tight hamstring and ischial tuberosity (Sit Bone), which would get worse with long rides in the saddle.

I contacted Mary at Bike2Body in the hopes that looking at my bike biomechanics might help the situation, as I had tried every other possible route. Mary was able to accommodate me almost immediately and spent a long time listening to me moan and complain about all of my problems. Mary is very professional and never let me feel like she was trying to make my body fit into some kind of pre-programmed formula. She spent a lot more time examining my body and correcting my posture on my bike than I had initially thought would be needed. Further to that she also looked at positioning me on the bike based on questions she had asked, measurements she had taken and flexibility tests she had administered.

My new position has helped my riding immensely. I don't feel the hamstring pain anywhere near what I used to, and the rolling of the pelvis has helped on top of that.  I've since recommended that two of my friends go to see her, and would recommend anyone who is looking to alleviate any bike related pains or to improve performance to call Mary."

Andrew Gustyn, Road Cycling Enthusiast

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