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"I started competing recreationally in triathlons in 2002, at which time I was fitted for and purchased my first triathlon bike. I had always felt reasonably comfortable on my bike, and had never really had any serious overuse injuries.
However, after hearing from a friend about her 6-hour personalized bike fit with Mary and how awesome she now felt on her bike, I booked an appointment. I can't tell you what an amazing difference this has made to my riding! In the past, I always struggled to pedal smoothly with my left leg. I used to think this was because I was a fairly new cyclist and needed to put time in the saddle to learn to develop that perfect pedal stroke. After Mary's thorough assessment, I now realize this was not the case and was partially due to my slightly rotated pelvis. With various adjustments to my cleat, pedal and saddle position, Mary has been able to compensate for this rotation. Now when I ride, I can feel my left hamstring and quad firing correctly for the first time! Hill climbing has gotten instantly easier, and I have never felt so balanced riding out of the saddle. I now know what it feels like to dance on my pedals!
Mary, I can't thank you enough for all your time and patience in finding my perfect bike position. I can't wait to get out for those long rides next year training for Ironman Canada!"

Claire Grasty, IM Triathlete

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