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"I am an age group triathlete that prefers the longer distance triathlons such as long course, 1/2 & full Ironman. As a result I spend alot of time on my bike both training and racing. I also have quite apronounced curved spine (scoliosis). So for me comfort on the bike and a healthy back through a well fitted bike is very important. Although I thought my bike fit I had done when I bought my bike was good I wondered if it could be better. I felt I was a bit stretched out and I had pain on the right side of my back and hip.

I knew Mary from some physio work she had done for a patello-femoral problem I had many years ago. I felt her knowledge of human kinetics & physiology would be a great asset for getting a good bike fit. I also had very positive feedback from friends who had also had bike fits done by Mary.

Mary was very methodical in her bike fit approach. She started out by taking various measurements of my body to determine my flexibility etc....She then followed a logical sequence of steps to make sure that all the parts of the bike were adjusted correctly to fit my body size & shape. One of the things that impressed me the most was her follow up after the bike fit. She analyzed the photos after the bike fit and made some further suggestions. She answered a couple of queries I had and I received several emails through the season following up on the bike fit and taking an interest in the races I had done.

I came away from the bike fit with a stem 2.5cm shorter and 1cm higher but everything else was left the same. My back and hip pain was gone and I was much more comfortable on my bike. I found that this change in position seemed to increase my power on the bike and I felt looser at the hips when I ran off the bike. This makes sense as I wasn't stretched out as much. I had my fastest ever bike split of any Ironman and my fastest ever run split of any Ironman this year and I am sure that the new bikefit was a contributing factor. I highly recommend Mary for anyone who wants a bike fit done. I was very pleased with the professional service I received."


Zoe Panchen , Kona IM Triathlete


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