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"Over the years of suffering from mechanical low back pain, I have had to give up sport after sport (squash, ultimate, running). Last summer I wrote off cycling after years of road and mountain biking. I was at the point where it would take me about four days to get rid of back spasms after a short ride or I would almost be crazy with pain from sciatica if trying to do a ride in the hills. I was certain that I had reached the point where the damage to my back was such that not much could be done in terms of cycling.

I spent 3 hours with Mary going over all of my woes and having her carefully analyze numerous aspects of my position on my bike. She re-positioned my seat and cleats and made recommendations regarding re-positioning my handlebars. I was able to have a local bike store find the stem that Mary very specifically recommended using a grid. By carefully plotting exactly where the centre of my handlebars should be positioned, she was able to ensure that I would get from the bike store EXACTLY what she recommended.

The end result? I am riding 100% pain free and am thrilled! I can hardly believe it. My back feels better now after getting off my bike than it did when I was 10 years younger and not suffering so chronically from back pain. I can't thank Mary enough.

I would strongly recommend Mary's assessment to anyone who is suffering from mechanical pain while they cycle. I would also recommend getting advice from Mary prior to purchasing a new bike to ensure proper fit right off the bat. The bike stores are just not equipped to fit people to their bike with the specificity that Mary can provide.

Krista Cooper, MD, Road Cycling Enthusiast

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