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"As a cyclist and a competitor in triathlons, I spend a lot of time on my bike but was not 100% comfortable on it. I was adjusting my bike periodically but nothing seemed to work. I added aero-bars but was off them more than on. I was feeling stressed instead of relaxed. I heard about bike2body and was anxious to give it a try. After a session with Mary, I can't believe the difference. I absolutely feel great in my new position and have no pain or discomfort. I now love being in my aero-bars and there is much to be said about being aerodynamic, especially in those longer races. The fitting was extensive from my head to my cleats and I have pictures to check out my body position. I am convinced it is the best fitting one can get. I am most definitely passing the word around about Mary's services."

Thank you Mary !

Susan Nevitt-Yelle, Triathlete




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