"My Sports Medicine doctor recommended that I have my bike fitted. I was training for the 2006 TransRockies Mountain Bike Race and was having severe lower back pain. The problem was a compression fracture at L1 restricting my flexibility in that area. As a result all shock absorption was being taken by my lower back below L1. After training rides, my low back was killing me and I was concerned that with 6 days of riding and 40,000 feet of elevation gain in this race that I would be doing irreversible damage to my back. Bike2Body worked to get my bike in the most efficient position for mountain biking and made adjustments to help compensate for the shock absorption problem in my lower back. As aresult, I was able to do 8 hour training rides with minimal pain. The bottom line is it worked and I would recommend getting your road bike AND your mountain bike fitted for best results."

Brian MacLeod, Mountain Bike Enthusiast



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